Friday, October 05, 2007

W.T.F.? ! ! !


Science education in the U.S. is currently being hamstrung by extreme right-wing religious fundamentalist nutters trying to foist creationism - nattily dressed up as 'Intelligent Design' - on unsuspecting American pupils.

As if that isn't bad enough, we seem to have acquired our own home-grown anti-science nutcase who wants to drag creationism (which Spellchecker wants to replace with 'cretinism,' by the way) kicking and screaming into British schools' science labs! 8-0


'Discuss' Judaeo-Christian myths in R.I. lessons, by all means, but...


With reference to religion, this nutjob states, "I'd like science lessons to be places where teachers take the views that students come in with seriously"

Come on! Seriously? Seriously?! No science teacher can discuss non-scientific ideas, which have no basis in fact, in science lessons without seriously compromising his or her scientific credentials. Seriously...

Creationism (no matter how you dress it up) and science (evidence-based, tried, tested and peer-reviewed) are mutually exclusive. There is NO common ground.

It's not that science rules out the existence of a divine power. It just says, find me some evidence that can be evaluated scientifically and then get back to me. Till then, leave it to the priests and R.I. teachers. PLEASE ! ! !

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